Eat a Pizza Or Go To The Gym?

Let’s face it. There are just days you’d rather go home and eat an entire pizza than go to the gym for a workout. What do you do on those days? How do you motivate yourself to get to the gym instead of stuff your face with gluten and cheese?

Hell if I know. I tend to go for the pizza. I can’t help you there.

But here’s what I do know. It’s all about making choices and embracing them. If I choose to skip the gym and stuff my face I don’t sit there and ruin my glorious non-workout and gluten/cheese deliciousness by making myself feel guilty about it. I sit on the couch, eat the damn pizza and enjoy every bite of it.

However, I know that if I choose to eat a pizza then there is a price I will have to pay. I have to work extra hard to control my eating the next day. I might even need to do some extra cardio (and I loathe cardio, so that pizza better be worth it). I also know that my stomach will be jacked up, I’ll feel sluggish, and I’ll be super bloated. If I choose to eat the pizza there’s nothing to feel badly about. There’s no reason to hate myself or punish myself the next day (or even the next minute) when I feel like crap. I just think to myself “Welp, that’s what happens when you eat a pizza. I’ll feel better in a couple of days.” And I do. It’s really that simple.

There’s something liberating in this outlook. I relish the moments I’m eating for enjoyment and vegging on the couch. When I own my choices and take the shame out of them it turns out I don’t really want the pizza that often. I know I can have it whenever I want. I just have to deem it worth the consequences.

When you take the power of your choices back instead of chalking them up to a moment of weakness or PMS or a bad day at work, or whatever, when you OWN your choices, you are in control of them.

And here’s the awesome thing: when you take back the power of your “bad” choices, you are also super charging the power your “good” choices. I feel so much more proud of my healthy eating when it’s a conscious decision instead of something I guilt myself into. In that way it becomes The Way I Live My Life as opposed to This Thing I’m Making Myself Do. That’s powerful.

We are all going to have days we just don’t feel like following the plan. Notice I didn’t say cheat days, or bad days, or any other type of day that has a negative connotation. They are just days that we stick to our plan or days that we don’t. They are just days, nothing more, nothing less. We all have the power to make a series of choices which will help us reach our goals. And if we take an action which moves us in the opposite direction, there is alway another moment, another choice, another day ahead of us to do things differently.

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