Another Selfie, WTF??

This is weird. In the past three days I’ve taken more mirror selfies than I have in all of my other days on this planet. I don’t know how I feel about it. But this morning’s has a purpose. That purpose is to showcase the improvement over two days ago. Not only did I get myself dressed and brush my teeth, but I had the faculties about me at 4:35 AM to specifically pick this shirt out of my drawer because I thought it was funny or ironic or something…you know because it was practically the middle of the night and there wasn’t any sunshine…? I haven’t worked out the details of this humor, but the point is that I had thoughts other than “MUST. SLEEP. MORE.” running through my head, so that’s an improvement too. Also, I put on sneakers instead of Uggs. Even prior to working out I considered this morning a win.
Day 3 Outfit

Because I’m so out of shape I’m pretty sore from my two baby workouts. Like much more sore than I would ever like to admit to being after just six sets of body weight (or only slightly heavier) exercises. Alas, it is what it is, and what it is is not feeling lifting this morning. So I opted for the treadmill. The machine was super excited to see me!
Day 3 Treadmill Welcome

Actually, it was probably more like “Oh hey, Mel. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. I thought you had decided to turn me into a wine storage shelf forever!” To which I would reply “Silly Treadmill! You know you can’t be my wine storage shelf forever. Eventually I drink all the wine and you have nothing left to store.”

The treadmill and I were reunited for 20 minutes. JD stood guard.
Day 3 JD Treadmill

I did crunches. JD stood guard…
Day 3 JD Crunches Guard

Among other things.
Day 3 JD Crunches 1

Day 3 JD Crunches 2

It was a good morning.

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