Friday Rocked!

Friday has to have been one of the coolest days of my life. I was awakened at 4:25 AM by a phone call from my brother. I answered the phone with a groggy “are we having a baby today?” When he said yes I almost cried. They were checked into the hospital by 5:15 and my beautiful, amazing, super-cool nephew was born at 9:40. After thirty minutes I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Noah and two hours later was in my arms.

So here’s the thing. I don’t love love love babies. I don’t die to hold them or gush over them or insist on counting their ten adorable fingers and ten adorable toes. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are cute and it warms my heart to know that a beautiful new life is so very loved by the adult humans around it. But aside from a special few, I’d rather not hold the baby. I’m not in awe of his or her little feet or tiny fingernails or whatever. Quite frankly, until they can talk, I’m not terribly interested.

But this baby. This amazing little man (who’s ten fingers and ten toes I have dutifully counted), I can’t get enough of him.

Someone asked me if I was going to take the day off of work on Friday to hang out at the hospital. I honestly didn’t understand why I would. I heard him enter the world. I shared an amazing morning with my family. I got to meet and hold my new nephew. But, I mean, he’s a newborn. What was I going to do all day with him? Mom was obviously exhausted and needed rest. The baby just sits there with his eyes closed. And I’m sure my brother just wants time alone with them both, so really, why would I need to take the day off?

I learned that answer as soon as I got to work and wished I were back at the hospital, watching the 7-pound 4-ounce sumo wrestler look-alike sleep. I just had to take off work early to go tell Baby Noah how much I’d missed him. I figured that would be enough. I’d run in, hang out and then move on with my day and my dinner plans. So I visited for a few minutes and then I left. But, once I arrived at dinner, my friends actually wanted to talk about stuff other than my new Nephew. What the hell is wrong with them? And so I missed him again. This is going to be a long 18+ years if this is how I’m going to feel all the time.

For anyone following my 30-day Wake-up At An Ungodly Hour And Workout Then Write Challenge, it’s still going. Friday threw me off, obviously, but I was awake at 4:30 and did a tiny bit of cardio by walking up and down the stairs outside of labor and delivery for a few minutes. It didn’t even cross my mind to bring an iPad or computer for the purpose of writing while I was waiting for baby’s arrival. Next time I have a nephew begin to make his appearance before the sun comes up I will not make the same mistake.

Saturday I got up, ate breakfast and got in a pretty decent arm workout, sat down at the computer for a few minutes to get some words out and then went back to bed for as long as I could before I had to go to work. Sunday, well I planned to get my ass out of bed when the dog woke, up but he didn’t wake up until 7:30 (when did 7:30 become sleeping in, by the way), and I was already late for my date with the baby.  Basically, Sunday was a fail. But today, day 7, was a success. As it’s my day off I think I may be going back to bed now that my workout, breakfast, and words have all been checked off my to-do list. Not bad for 5:30 AM!

Did I mention Baby Noah? (And yes, we’ve talked to my brother about wearing a shirt with sleeves when his next child is born)
Mel Mike Noah

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