Progress Report (And Sleeeeeeeep!)

Twenty days later, I’m still working on my “Get Up Earlier Than Is Sane and Get Shit Done” project. I’m not perfect. There have been three mornings I haven’t gotten up early at all, and a few more where I’ve opened my bedroom door, done walking lunges down the hall and around the living room to the kitchen, typed a few sentences out on my phone while waiting for the coffee to brew, and promptly raced back to bed and cuddled up under the covers. But all in all, I am making progress. I’m stronger from the workouts and I’ve done more writing in the past twenty days than I had in the previous twenty weeks.

Aside from the obvious benefits of accomplishing these two tasks nearly every day, I’ve also noticed significant improvement in my outlook in general. I just feel better. I’ve done so much more than I would have if I hadn’t come up with this asinine idea. Generally this time of year the only thing I want to do is sleep. Like my daily routine could consist of waking up, eating breakfast, and going back to bed until dinner and I’d be perfectly happy. But these extra hours of productivity in the morning have had such a positive impact on my days.

I feel more accomplished. And accomplishment seems to breed accomplishment. I.e. the more I do, the more I want to do. The laundry was done this week BEFORE I ran out of clean underwear. Instead of stopping by the store in a rush to pick up a pie on the way to the parties we’ve attended, we’ve managed to bring something homemade to four Thanksgiving gatherings. The Christmas shopping is done. And I haven’t flaked on a single get-together in the past ten days which means I’ve been able to spend time with so many of my favorite people. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time sleeping too, like much much more than normal, but it doesn’t seem to be at the detriment of important tasks, events, or loved ones.

And in an effort to continue feeling accomplished (and to not feel like a sleepy blob of sweatpants, dog fur, and chocolate) I’ve begun to make myself weekly task lists. I’ll be able to look back on Sunday and know that I earned the nap I will inevitably take.

Chalkboard List

I may be getting an insanely early wake up call each morning, but its more than worth it.

PS – Apparently I should add “Learn to spell PROJECTS” to my list of Projets.

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