The Storm Before The Calm

Come January 4th Tyler and I, along with a few other friends, will be starting another Whole30. I’m pretty excited about it, as I’ve started experiencing the physical symptoms my previously crappy-feeling self exhibited months ago, and I’m not so much a fan. I gained about five pounds back from my lowest, which I’m okay with. Ok, I lie, I’m okay with it in theory; however, I still stare daggers into the scale each morning. But, really once I started feeling the difference in my sleep, my immune system, and my digestive system, I knew it was time to get back on the wagon.

So we set a date.

And naturally I have eaten everything in sight ever since. Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast? Sounds like a great idea!  Christmas cookies and a Diet Coke for lunch? Why not?! Roast beef sandwich with horseradish cheddar and champagne for dinner? Hell, yeah!

Diet coke? DIET COKE?! I hadn’t had a single soda since April. Just thinking about the the quantity in which I am ingesting bread is enough to put the breaks on my digestion for weeks. The wine….oh the wine. Might as well toss my early morning productivity out the window right now.

What’s up with this? Why am I doing it? I have no good answer. Except perhaps I feel comfortable letting go a little bit now that I know there is a finite period of time I can spend shoving every delicious sugar, gluten, and dairy-laden source of calories in my mouth. Maybe? It makes sense right? Perhaps…? I’m so confused. BUT SERIOUSLY, SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Actually, please wait until after I finish the champagne in my (very cool, early Christmas present) wine glass. We wouldn’t want that to go to waste or anything.

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