Three Weeks In Photos

I’ve spent the past three weeks dutifully documenting every semi-interesting, semi-entertaining, or semi-cool thing that’s happened, in hopes of coming up with some interesting, entertaining, or cool blog posts. That seems to be the one thing that hasn’t happened. So here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

I got these very cool wine glasses as a Christmas gift for Tyler, and me, of course. (And promptly stopped drinking for the month of January)

I bought this very cool sequiny Santa hat and wore it often!

I baked a shit load of cookies, all from my great-grandmother’s recipes, as I do every year.

While Tyler helped out a lot.

We hosted a holiday brunch with a bloody mary bar!

…and an ugly sweater theme! Someone brought name tags, which was by far the coolest part of the party!

After purchasing the missing ingredient I finally made successful bibimbap. No meltdowns for Mel this time!

Also: THIS. No words necessary.

Tyler and I started a new tradition of a Christmas Eve lunch date. We argued the entire time.

Christmas Eve Evening was spent with my Family, as usual. It was great. Although the only picture I thought to take the entire night was this one of my nephews. Look at how big that baby has gotten!! Also, big brother Jacob was wearing an adorable little suit. And I got to do cool Aunt things like take him outside (because it was about a bazillion degrees on Christmas Eve) to play in the water and mud while wearing the adorable suit.

For Christmas, Mom got me a bluetooth selfie stick. And I love it. Also, Tyler stole my hat.

Ty’s parents gave us a milk frother so that we can use our espresso machine to make lattes (and then we promptly stopped consuming dairy for the month of January).

I brewed some delicious kombucha in preparation for the lack of alcohol and lattes.

And re-organized my kitchen so that I have an entire Kombucha Cabinet. This fermented tea shit is getting serious!

I played around with my selfie stick a lot (yep, I know how dirty that sounds.)

I melted a plastic tray of deserts in the oven because I had hidden it from the dog there (to avoid an incident similar to the Cookie Dough Disaster of 2015) and forgotten about it.

We had to chip the cooled plastic off with a garden tool and run a self-clean cycle to burn off all the leftover bits so that we don’t give ourselves cancer when we cook.

I was gifted an awesome wine glass from my Grey’s Anatomy-loving cohort.

I used both of my awesome wine glasses often, sometimes simultaneously.

Tyler got this very cool light up hat from my very cool mom.

We used the hat and selfie stick to take some more very strange family photos.

As is quite normal for this time of year, I ended up getting sick. BUT via my sicky-ness I learned about these!! Apple cider, Whaaaaaat???

We got to celebrate New Year’s Eve with amazing friends. It was the perfect way to ring in the new year!

I took a day off this week to recover from sicky-ness and slept till 1:00PM, which was fucking incredible. (No photo of me sleeping, sorry.)

And today we took down the Christmas Tree. The Holidays and my whirlwind three weeks have officially ended. It was fun, but I’m super-grateful to be back to normal life. Welcome, 2016!

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