The Everyday Dance

I love change and challenge and I get bored easily. I feel my best when I’m doing something that scares me. Or when I’m planning on doing something that scares me. Or when I’ve just survived something that scares me. I can get very uncomfortable with safe, simple, and mundane. I’m always looking for the next [something].

But, there’s also something to be said for the beauty of the dance that has become my everyday life.

It’s a dance Tyler and I have perfected since we purchased our home a little over two years ago. After every day apart we come back together. He does the chores that involve manual labor and an engineers brain. I get home and tackle most of the domestic chores (most of the time). He takes care of keeping the dog out of my way while I cook. We put away the dishes. I make another mess. I clean it up. We chat. We toast to our respective days. We eat dinner together every night, and one of us clears the plates. A little bit of relaxation and off to bed we go. He spoons me until he’s ready to sleep then we both roll over and I spoon him while both of us begin our slumber, all with the dog at our feet. The alarm goes off fifteen minutes early to make sure there is time for more cuddling before we have to leave each other to go about our individual days and work towards our individual goals.

We do all of this without thinking or planning or talking about it. It just happens. It’s become second nature. The funny thing is that when we step away from this routine – maybe I ask him to cook dinner instead of me or one of us goes to bed before the other- we inevitably fall back into it without even noticing. Before I know what’s happened, he’s back in his seat at the island and I’m in charge of the kitchen once again, or I’m lying awake in bed waiting for him to come in so I can put my arms around him before falling asleep.

It’s not scary. It’s safe. It’s not challenging. It’s quite simple. It’s not new. It’s mundane.

It’s my life, my everyday dance. And, surprisingly, I love it.

Mel and Ty 2 copy

Mel and Ty copy

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