How To Make This Awesome Photo Wall In Just A Few Steps

  1. Search Pinterest for weeks only to come to the conclusion that your creative vision is too forward thinking to be online yet.
  2. Decide on a cross between this and this.
  3. Spend hours on Facebook downloading 87 possible photos for this wall.
  4. Save half of them in the wrong format before realizing your mistake. Start over.
  5. Crop each of them into squares.
  6. Upload to Walgreens and order all 87 4×4 prints to be picked up in an hour at 1:28 PM.
  7. Determine which wall you will put it on.
  8. Try to measure wall but find it impossible to locate tape measure.
  9. Use these blue beads to measure your bedroom door, which you know is 36″.Blue Beads Edited
  10. Measure desired wall with blue bead necklacs and guess that the wall you want to put your photos on is about 38″.
  11. Call friend and ask her to bring over her tape measure, just to be safe.
  12. Google 1×6 boards to make sure you sound like you know what you are talking about when you arrive at Home Depot.
  13. Do a bunch of math.
  14. Drive to home depot at approximately 12:55 to purchase 8 26” 1×6’s, a quart of stain, a staining brush, and cute little mini nails.
  15. Stop by Walgreens on the way home, arriving at 1:34 to pick up photos. Argue with the photo people about the purpose of selecting 1:28 for your pick up time if they aren’t going to have the damn photos at least started by then.
  16. Wait longer than you would like for photos. Purchase. Go home.
  17. Drink wine with friend and measure desired wall which is exactly 38” inches!!!!
  18. Pat self on back for being a blue necklace measuring expert.
  19. Decide you want to hang your photos on a different wall instead.
  20. Do more math and realize that you can only display 35 out of your 87 photos.
  21. Drink more wine with boyfriend while you narrow down the pics.
  22. Leave work early one day the following week because of impending ice storm and decide you’re going to take advantage of the downtime and make this photo shit happen.
  23. Pull out the special bottle of wine you bought yourself a few days before. DIY photo holders are special-bottle worthy. So are half days from work because of bad weather.IMG_7312
  24. It’s too cold to go outside so decide to use basement as place to do staining. Cross your fingers you don’t get too high from the fumes.
  25. Search for the box of painting crap in the basement for twenty minutes. Find it, yay!
  26. Look for something to lay the boards on while you apply stain so you don’t ruin your black concrete basement floor.
  27. Decide on a random piece of drywall in the basement you are 80% certain your boyfriend doesn’t need. Don’t ask if he needs it because if he does you will have to search even longer for something to protect the floor.
  28. Take five minutes to open can of stain with a Philips screwdriver because you are too lazy to walk up the stairs and get a Flathead that would open it in ten seconds.
  29. Slap some stain on your boards, and watch in amazement as it soaks into the wood. This is your first staining experience, after all.IMG_7319
  30. Wipe all excess stain off each board once you are done.
  31. Come upstairs to proclaim your DIY-awesomeness.
  32. Look outside, determine there is no more precipitation coming down, and decide to go to Walmart to get bulldog clips, which are the last material you need to complete the project. Do you know what a bulldog clip is? Probably. Did you know it’s name? Probably not.bulldog clips
  33. Let dog outside before you go, watch him slide around backyard a la Bambi on the frozen pond. Decide you’d better stay in.
  34. Continue to proclaim DIY awesomeness all night long.
  35. Stop at Target on your way to work the next day, even though you are already running late, to finally purchase the bulldog clips. They don’t have them. Purchase silver binder clips instead. They are close enough. This is so going down tonight. Start getting excited.
  36. Get home. Try to nail in little 1/2″ nails and realize your fingers are too fat to hold them in place and hit the nail without slamming your fingers too. Finally get one in without any significant injury.
  37. Try out binder clip purchased earlier in the day on one photo to see how it looks.
  38. Determine that nail is too small and clip is too boring. Ugh. You have to go back to the stores. Tomorrow. This will happen tomorrow.
  39. Go to Staples and Office Depot only to discover that neither of them sells bulldog clips in bulk or in the size you need.
  40. Mentally kick yourself, AGAIN, for not just buying them on Amazon Prime days ago.
  41. Purchase bulldog clips on Amazon Prime.
  42. Send boyfriend to Home Depot to purchase bigger nails so that you don’t lose a fingernail while putting this project together.
  43. Wait two days for clips to arrive. Realize you never actually completed your check out on Amazon. Try again. Wait another two days.
  44. Measure measure measure. Mark boards. Hammer each nail into place.
  45. Try to figure out how to arrange the boards on wall. Must cover old nail holes, section of peeling paint, and look good all at the same time.
  46. Give up on doing math in head and work it out on paper. Math and Measuring
  47. Get irrationally mad at boyfriend for coming up with the solution in before you do.
  48. Try not to act like an ass, even though you really angry about this math solution business, because he is the one who is installing boards on wall so you need him on your side for the moment.
  49. Have boyfriend partially install screws into each board.Tyler Drilling
  50. Watch as boyfriend installs boards onto walls with relative ease and use of a level, drill, and tape measure.
  51. Step back and marvel (over a glass of wine, of course) at how your vision is finally coming together.Boards no photos
  52. Clip each photo in the clip center
  53. Hang clips on boards. Ask boyfriend to take picture of you completing your project so you can add it to this post. Realize you should have specified that you wanted a flattering picture.Mel Hanging 1
  54. Smile BIG. This really is exciting.Big Smile Picture Hanging
  55. Complete some minor adjustments to the nails so everything is fairly uniform.
  56. Breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that you aren’t one of those perfectionist OCD people. This project would not fly in a house with one of those.
  57. Step back and smile. YOU FINALLY DID IT!Final, Actual Finshed Product
  58. Take a ton of pictures to document your success and post them on Facebook. Shit isn’t real until people have seen it on Social Media.
  59. Search for photos of original inspiration to share in this post. Come across this and realize your vision was not as original as you once thought. In fact, you probably saw this on Pinterest at some point and committed it to memory. Realize you will not go down in DIY blogger history for your amazing idea.
  60. Write out an actual tutorial for those who might be interested in replicating your hard work and learning from your mistakes, instead of some dramatic, wine-filled saga that takes place over the course of fifty-nine steps. (This one is pending, but maybe possibly might happen and be linked this post some day.)




2 thoughts on “How To Make This Awesome Photo Wall In Just A Few Steps

    • Melissa Clark says:

      Yours was my inspiration, and told me where to go to get my photos printed. I would have been clueless otherwise. Thanks for making it so simple I wasn’t afraid to take it on!

      Liked by 1 person

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