30 Days of Weird

Weird is relative. We’re all weird in some way. Some of us deviate from the society-prescribed norms a lot more than others, but it is those differences that make life interesting. As you may have gathered by reading anything I’ve written – or, you know, by the title of this blog – I am super passionate about being comfortable in my weirdness and creating an environment where others can be comfortable with theirs.

Most people march through this life trying their damnedest to achieve things we have been taught to covet: Home ownership, a partner of the opposite sex and a loyal retriever as a companion. 2.5 kids. The most romantic, perfect, loving, fulfilling, monogamous, life-long relationship imaginable. A craft room that would make even the most famous diy-bloggers jealous. And so on and so on. We strive to make our lives into what Facebook, Pinterest, the Today Show and E! tell us they should look like.

Fuck. That.

Have you noticed that people tend to be very afraid of showing their weird sides? It’s as if they try to use their “normal” parts as shield for their weird (i.e. vulnerable) parts. But the weird is the good stuff. It’s what makes us who we are! It’s the beauty we should learn to let shine! The more transparent and less guarded by my normal I choose to be, the better I feel about my weird.

Now, let’s be honest. I’m far from the most unconventional person you will ever meet. I own a home and have a male partner and we have a dog who’s part lab for god’s sake. I have a garden and drink too much wine and post pictures of my food on Facebook. I’ve got more credit card debt than I’d like to admit. I work a 9-5 job. All of that sounds pretty damn “normal” to me. But it’s the underlying principles I use as my compass which tend to fall in the “not-so-conventional” category. I no longer expect “normal” of myself or anyone around me. I want to see the strange and the bizarre. The weirder the better, if you ask me.

So, I’m embarking on this project. For the next month you can find me over here creating and curating weird content. I want to talk about things most people won’t talk about, learn from those who embrace their relative strangeness, and support the weirdo within us all.

Over the course of 30 days I hope to become even more transparent while inspiring others to give it a try, too.

Staaaaartiiiiing now…


Is anyone else willing to share a weird photo of themselves being less than Facebook perfect?

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