Top Ten List: My Weird Habits

I can’t believe I’m sharing this. Don’t judge me, because I’m sure you do some strange shit too. Here I’ve compiled the list of my ten weirdest habits. Enjoy.

1. You know that scene in the titanic when Rose’s sweaty palm leaves a mark on the inside of a dusty car window??


Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Every time I shower I attempt to remake that same smeared hand print on my steamed-up shower door. FullSizeRender(2)

I haven’t gotten it right yet, but if I turn my back to the door and put my hand up behind me I think I can get pretty close.

2. While reading a book I must imitate the descriptions of people’s facial expressions and sounds they made (i.e. “she let out a brief sigh” or “he raised an eyebrow to let me know he was questioning my decision.”


My stellar imitation of the latter.

It seems as though I can’t actually picture it if I don’t act it out myself. I’m sure this is highly entertaining for anyone in a car next to me while I’m listening to a book on Audible.

3. I’m not afraid of much, but when Ty’s out of town I have an insanely irrational fear of our basement. If he’s out for an hour I have no problem going down there while alone in the house, but if he’s gone for days I won’t set foot into the dark basement. Since this is where the cat food and litter boxes are, I simply leave the light on the entire time he’s away. Our electric bill goes up significantly when he’s gone for a week on a ski or business trip.

4. I leave glasses everywhere. Like when I go around collecting them each week (Okay, fine. I lie. When Tyler goes around collecting them each week) they fill up at least one row in the top rack of the dishwasher. But, if a plate or silverware is left out for even a few minutes after a meal is complete, it drives me nuts!


For the record all of these photos were taken today, about thirty minutes before I published this post. From top left, clockwise: on top of my jewelry chest (along with paint samples as I’m in the process of finally painting the hideous red bedroom), bathroom sink, nightstand view #1 – including a water bottle on the floor as well, nightstand view #2 – with a glass of water on the headboard and a peak of the window mid-painting.

5. I drink wine and coffee in the shower. Not at the same time. Coffee if I shower in the morning. Wine in the evening. And then of course I leave my beverage container in there.


Yes, I do have a shelf for just dog and foot stuff (and apparently coffee mugs) in the shower.

6. Twice a year, JD sheds his undercoat. If we don’t brush him at least every other day the fur starts to fall out in clumps. I sooooo enjoy picking these fur clumps out of his coat. I try not to do this too much because it really drives Ty crazy, but believe me, I sneak it in anytime he leaves the room. It’s also possible I deliberately avoid the de-shedding brush during this time just so I’ll have something to pick at, even though it means about a bazillion times more fur all around the house.

7. And also along the lines of grooming: I get unusually excited when I find an ingrown hair that needs to be excised on either my body or Tyler’s. I have no clue what this weird obsession is about.

8. I lose everything all the time. Keys. Phone. Headphones. At least twice a day I’m scouring the house looking for one of these objects. You’d think I’d learn my lesson by this point and just put my shit back where it belongs. Thank goodness for the Find My iPhone app. I must use it at least once a week.

9. I’m an obsessive list maker. But true to form I’ll lose my list (whether on paper or in digital form) waaaaaaay before anything on it actually gets completed.

10. I subscribe to magazines and  never ever read them when they arrive. Every once in a while I become way too overwhelmed at the stack of magazines I have to read and just throw them away, vowing that as of today I’ll read EVERY SINGLE ONE that shows up. I should just give up.


This stack goes back to December. It’s destined for the recycling bin any day now.

And there you have it.  Apparently I’m a movie and book-reenacting, clutter-creating, magazine-stacking, list-making, fur-picking weirdo!

Come clean. What is something you do that makes you a bit of a weirdo?

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