More Paint And Some Words Of Wisdom From Amy Farrah Fowler

You got no weird words from me yesterday, not even the cop-out of copied and pasted quotes from the internet. I was busy attempting to finish my bedroom paint job, although I was unsuccessful. Getting closer though. I’ve moved on from primer-grey to beautiful-blue-with-lots-of-spots-where-primer-grey-is-peeking-through. I have no clue why I believed I’d complete this project in a weekend. And also, when did I get so old that spending a few hours a day painting causes significant physical pain. My legs, my back, AND MY HANDS. Ouch. But look. Progress!


Thought I’d capture the great color once the sun came up, but it’s grey outside and now my walls look more grey than blue. But hey, did you notice there’s only one bottle of water on my night stand?


This one was taken last night. Here the walls look blue and the dog looks like he hates my guts for keeping him awake and Tyler has just decided to go to sleep in the middle of it all, but not before whispering “Look, JD. We’re spooning.”


In my post-painting, I have no TV in the bedroom to watch and I’ve finished all my books on Audible, physically exhausted, but not quite mentally tired state last night, I found myself scrolling through Facebook as I wound down.

I came across a very interesting blog post by Mayim Bialik (aka Amy Farrah Fowler aka Blossom) titled “Mayim to Alicia Silverstone and January Jones: You’re Not Gross!”

The blog, written four years ago, is a commentary on a couple of things that were apparently all the buzz on Social Media at the time. (You can tell I’m not much of a pop culture follower, as this is the first I had heard of either of these “issues.” And I’m a little confused as to why they became issues in the first place, but whatever.)

First off, I gained some interesting insights into all the different schools of thought today’s parents have the option to navigate while making decisions on how to raise their children. I don’t envy you people at all in this regard. Yet another reason I’m happy to have no Fallopian tubes left in my body.

I’m certainly not an expert, but,excluding those who neglect their children or intentionally put them in harms way, I’d say one way of parenting is not superior to another. Mayim seems to be somewhat of a parenting “expert.” She’s very well versed in general, she’s written a book on Attachment Parenting, she is a regular contributor on the site I found this article on last night. Bottom line, she knows her shit. And you know what she said about the “weird” things Alicia Silverstone chose to do for her kid, even though they are not particularly in line with her well-crafted and scientifically-based values? She basically said I don’t know why she makes the choices she does, and it really is of no consequence to me. She didn’t say it in a “she’s a horrible person and I can’t be bothered to think of her” way. She said it in a “It’s not my place to judge her, nor is her decision any of my business” way. Amen!

She goes on to say “Let’s reserve judgment for people who beat their children, sell their daughters into prostitution, or deny women the right to make decisions about their bodies and their lives.” Double Amen.

Chances are parenting is not something I’ll have to seriously ponder in my lifetime, so it’s not so much the subject of this article that intrigued me. She could have been discussing politics, or gardening, or what color to paint her bedroom. It’s her attitude towards other peoples’ choices that I loved.

We’ve all got more than enough crap to deal with in our own lives. Why do we waste time judging the choices of others instead of simply focusing on how to make the best decisions for ourselves? And by the way, we’re not weird. We’re not gross. We’re just us, doing our thing, trying to make it through this life the best way we can. Just like everyone else.

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