Crazy Pet Lady

While working on yesterday’s post I had all three pets in my lap at some point.

Gus chilled.

And napped.

And apparently I have a double chin, so that’s awesome.

Pena supervised the editing process.

JD even climbed up for a cuddle. And then to rest…?

Then as I was finishing up, some full on canine celebration!

I used to be super self-conscious of the fact that I’m such an animal lover. My devotion to furry creatures is something I was always teased about. So, I would try to tone it down in public so as not to appear like the crazy cat lady or now the crazy dog lady. But you know what? Screw that! These pets (for the most part) make my day every day.

So today, I say it loud and proud. I LOVE THESE LITTLE GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!

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