A Weirdness Interlude

Over the past week or so, probably due to the posting of a few fairly controversial pieces, I’ve received a ton of feedback. Now, I’m sure there’s negative feedback out there, but I’m kind of glad I haven’t heard any of it yet. For one, so much of what I’m trying to get across is to STOP IT WITH THE JUDGING ALREADY. I’d be kind of sad to have someone read what I write and have their immediate reaction be one of judgement. In theory though, I’d really love to hear the negative, too. I know it would help me learn to make my points clearer, probably help me improve my writing, and more than anything it could open my mind to a new point of view. Right now, however, I love that I’m only hearing good stuff.

That being said, It’s amazing to me how many of us are out there. How many people think the things that nobody says. And how when we start talking about those things we learn that we aren’t really that weird after all. We’re definitely not alone.

So this little interlude is just a note to you all. The weirdos, the strange ones, goofballs. It’s so easy to think that nobody out there understands you. But, we do! We are here, and we want you to share your weirdness, too!

I sincerely hope my husband will be just as weird as I am. And at least like Star Wars if not love it.:

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