Post And Rally – You Weirdos Rock!

I asked, you answered. And you know what I learned? Ya’ll are a goofy bunch!

The best part of it, though, is that we are so NOT alone. Many of the “weird” comments you posted were met with an “OMG, you too??” A few that surprised me: scotch tape smells amazing, butterflies can be scary, and cotton balls are considered cringe-worthy. Also, there are a ton of strange quirks out there that revolve around our perception of particular sensations. Check out the list of weirdness you came up with!

Touch – I can’t stand the feel of…
– Being touched by someone I don’t know
– Having my face touched
– Jewelry (totally wins for my favorite weird fact about a friend, btw.)
– Wooden spoons, popsicle sticks, or other wooden implements
– Cotton balls (x2)
– Steel wool
– Styrofoam

Taste – Please feed me…
– Tabasco sauce in my cottage cheese
– Pepper in my cottage cheese

Taste (and I’m guessing touch, here, too) – Never ever ask me to eat/drink…
– Jiggly food (RIP Jello)
– Yogurt
– Anything creamy
– Hot beverages
– Cold beverages

Smell – I could sniff this all day….
– Scotch tape (x3!)
– Paint
– New carpet
– Post its
– Gasoline
– Asphalt

Smell – I hate hate hate the smell of…
– Tuna
– Gasoline

Random Fears – I’m terribly afraid of…
– Butterflies (x2)
– Frogs
– Ladders
– The ocean
– Things with holes in them that bugs could crawl out of
– Suffocating because the person in bed next to you takes up all the oxygen
– Vomit, so I avoid amusement park rides just in case someone barfs. (Oh, and I’m a nurse!)

And a few misfits:
– I love horror movies.
– I hold a 45 minute conversations with myself each night.
– I still have nightmares of Freddy Kruger.
– I’m a dental assistant who is fine at work but can’t watch medical shows on TV.
– When I take eggs from a full carton I always pull from the middle so that neither side is heavier than the other.
– I eat my food very methodically – by color, by layer, by size – and very slowly. (And this short description does not nearly do my process justice.)

Stay weird

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