Freak Flag

While at the beach for our annual Mother-Daughter Weekend yesterday, my mom brought me into her favorite local spot. It’s called…drum roll please…Wake And Bake.

Wake And Bake

What an awesome name for a coffee shop/bakery, and a surprising name for some place my mother just adores. Mom’s been telling me about this place for a while, going on about the baked goods and the woman behind them (and her rainbow colored hair!). As it turns out I needed wifi in order to post yesterday, so we drove the mile to the shop for a cup of coffee and connectivity.

Guys, the name of the wifi network at this place is “freak flag.” I mean, how could I not be in love??

Anyway, in addition to the morning coffee, free wifi, fantastic network name, and amazing strawberry shortcake we purchased (Okay, fine. Mom purchased), this place was fun. They had a whole section of vinyl for sale – like the record kind, not old car seat kind. The decor was definitely repurposed, but it totally worked. And above all, these people were just wonderful. Despite the fact that they were trying to accomplish a bunch of different tasks while I was there, they still took the time to say hi and chat for a moment.

It would have been great to sit down and talk with them for longer, but they were too busy. (Maybe someday soon, though!) In all honesty, I don’t even know their names. Also, I feel like such an idiot for not at least taking a picture or two. What an amateur I am!

Well this amateur can’t wait to see how they ultimately bring their vision to life. And I wanted to tell you all about them. If you’re on the eastern shore I recommend you take a trip to Fenwick Island to stop in, grab a cup of coffee (which apparently he’ll be roasting himself soon) and a piece of baked deliciousness, and say hi to a fellow weirdo or two.

Oh, and thank you to these lovely hippies for making my Saturday morning a little bit stranger than usual!

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