I’m An Asshole

You may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. And quite frankly I almost didn’t post today. After a crazy stressful week and a long day at work my brain truly doesn’t want to work at the moment.

We just showed up to a friend’s house late, empty-handed except for the bottle of bourbon we grabbed to bring at the last minute so we didn’t look like complete assholes.

I feel a little bit better though, because one of those friends isn’t even here yet, and the other is upstairs putting their kids to bed.

So we are happily occupying ourselves by drinking the bourbon we “brought for them,” alone, in thier kitchen, once again making the case that we are assholes. Unfortunately I’m out of energy today, so I can’t find it in myself to actually feel bad about being an asshole.

And on that note, cheers! Happy Friday.

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