Weird Is Her Normal: Angela Rockstar

Have you ever met someone that you love to spend time with because of how you feel about yourself when they are around? I don’t mean that they make you feel good about yourself. But you just feel better, more positive, more like yourself when you are in their presence. This is how I felt in Angela ‘Rockstar’ Lantry’s home a couple of months ago.

Angie Rockstar, Angie Lantry, Big Brother 20, BB20

I had not had any face-to-face interaction with Angela since we graduated high school in 2001. But, from what I could see via her Facebook page, she embodied everything I wanted to talk about when I came up with the idea of a 30 Days of Weird blog series.

Case in point – This photo of her and her very good friend:

Angie Rockstar Lantry Wedding, Big Brither 20, BB20

She’s honest and transparent about who she is. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her views and choices are far from mainstream. She is very vocal about her values, both political and philosophical. She’s an all around beautiful weirdo. So, on a random Sunday in March I sent her a message and asked if I could interview her. I was sitting on her couch less than twenty-four hours later, chatting with her not only about her beliefs and her story, but just about life in general.

One of the most surprising things I learned about Angela is just how much hiding she felt she had to do in her younger years. She moved to our hometown in a suburb of Baltimore when she was twelve, right around the time she began to really form her unconventional beliefs. She had always felt “weird,” but now in this new place during this formative time in her life, she felt set apart from the “normal” kids even more. She didn’t mind being different in theory, but she felt kind of uncomfortable letting it out around others. This is different than most stories I hear. Most people I come across don’t really know that they want to challenge the status quo until much later in life. But Angie Rockstar has always known she was different. She just hadn’t found her fellow super-weirdos at this point, so she wasn’t yet letting her freak flag fly quite so freely.

After doing some traveling in high school, she came to the incredibly insightful conclusion that the “normal” we witness every day is not the only “normal” in existence. All of a sudden she felt more comfortable coming out of her own self-imposed shell. But that only took her so far. Even after this revelation, she still felt out of place. Maybe less out of place than before, but still not quite in her own world. It wasn’t until she was twenty-two that she finally began to feel truly comfortable embracing her Angie Rockstar weirdness.

Festivals are what did it. It was here that she really began to find her tribe of like-minded individuals. These festivals tend to be a multi-day gathering where its participants meet new people and spend time with old friends, express their creativity, celebrate their beliefs, learn new things, get closer to nature, and just have a great time. Think drumming, rituals of all kinds, performances, workshops, glitter, rainbows, magick, and of course singing and dancing.

Angie Rockstar Lantry13282551_10208851231180179_350186126_o13281801_10208851229220130_1365138997_n

But weird is relative, right? In this environment nobody is “weird” because everyone is weird. Which makes it normal. Spending time in this world provided opportunities for Angela to find her people.

Angie Rockstar Lantry FestivalAngie Rockstar Lantry and daughter

Once and for all she became truly comfortable in her weirdness. How effing beautiful!

I imagine she found in that festival environment what I was able to find in her living room. A sense of calm, a sense of belonging, and a sense of acceptance.

Angie told me that it took a lot of work to learn how to really, truly, unconditionally love herself. But these days she looks in the mirror and is able to say without a doubt “I’m cool. I’m worthwhile. Fuck, yeah! I’m going to rock!”

The thing is, when someone believes that about herself, just being in her presence makes it easier to believe it about yourself, too. When someone loves herself that much, in a way she is giving you permission to love yourself like that, too. And being around someone who has mastered both of these things…dude, it’s incredibly contagious.

If I hadn’t been sure I wanted to make this blog series a thing before meeting with her, I was convinced when I walked out the door. I left energized, excited, and pretty damn confident. Not confident that it would be successful or even begin to catch on. But I was absolutely certain that this was something I would love doing. And that was enough for me.

I’m so grateful that this beautiful person was able to forge a path for herself that she truly feels at peace with. And I’m also so grateful that she was willing to share her story with me. Not only does it make a cool piece about a wonderful weirdo, but it was just incredibly  inspiring to be in her presence.

**Update June 2018 – Angie, or Rockstar, as she is known on TV, is now a houseguest on Season 20 of Big Brother. I can’t say I ever watched the show before, but I do admit that I’ve enjoyed watching this lovely, inspiring woman on national television recently. Best of luck, Angie! Keep beinging you, and show the world what a beautiful weirdo you are!

One thought on “Weird Is Her Normal: Angela Rockstar

  1. Rabbyt says:

    Angela is my best friend and my favorite weirdo!! She’s a rock for so many people, including myself. She empowers one to embrace themselves for who they truly are at heart and soul, and run with it.
    My number one unicorn. 🦄


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