Blog, What Blog? (Also Some Cool, Weird Stuff)

You may have thought I forgot all about this series. I didn’t. Technically thirty days of weird has come and gone. But because I missed a few days there weren’t thirty posts, which had been my intention. So we’re not done yet!

Also, I just really like where the last thirty days have taken this blog and my writing and you people who are reading it. So I have a feeling I’ll keep going in this direction. Not with a daily post, but a few times a week. I’ve also got a facebook page up and running so I can share weird things from other people too.

And on that note – Over the course of the past month I have come across quite a few weird people, posts, and websites that I absolutely love. Here are three of my favorites!

Your Body Ain’t Wrong, Girlfriend {67 Untouched Nude Photos} Warning – There are boobs in this link. No butts, they’re covered. But lots of boobs.

Jes Baker’s mission is to show the world that we are all different. She shot photos of nude women of all shapes and sizes. No Photoshop. No lighting tricks. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.

And the wonderfully written article by Alex Myles will make you smile. According to the author the purpose of the project was to “point out that there is no ‘normal’ body type, that certain body types are not ‘sexier’ or ‘more beautiful’ than others. This was a randomly selected group of women and the photos show that there are so many variations to body shape and size—not just the small selection of images that we regularly see presented to us through the media.”

Read this and look at the these photos, today. But don’t open it on your work computer because of all the boobs.

Need a smile with your coffee? The Love Bomb Company is the place to go. According to Jenna, what started as a super secret Instagram account created to spread a little love turned into a company that drops Love Bombs worldwide. She made a mission to create a thoughtful, heartfelt, authentic offering of love and post it every day for a year. And that is just what she did. 365 posts. EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year. Those words became coffee mugs, mason jars, magnets, and a greeting card line.

This is where I got my Awesome coffee mug and my mom’s Effing Love mug.


Effing love mom

I don’t share my email address with just anyone these days. My inbox is overwhelming to me. Look at the number of emails I have not read.


Things got this bad because at some point I haphazardly subscribed to too many damn lists and now it’s out of control. I’ve learned my lesson and changed my ways. Someday I’ll get around to unsubscribing from the crap and deleting everything that’s in there. At this point though, If I choose to add something to the chaos that is my inbox you know it’s got to be good.

It’s with this in mind that I tell you I subscribed to Nicole Antoinette’s weekly email without hesitation. While writing doesn’t seem to be her main focus, she’s really good at it. She’s funny and insightful and totally worth taking the time to read. If you’re an on-the-goer instead of a sit-and-reader, she’s got a podcast too. I highly recommend checking out both.

Here are a few excerpts from her about page that got me hooked:

“We are strong as fuck, we can change our stories, and we can do hard things.” (God, I love people who use the “F” word like this!)

“If we ever meet in person, the first thing you’ll notice is that I am a hugger. I will hug you. (Did this just get weird?) You’ll also notice that I talk very fast and almost always have cat hair on my clothes. I used to worry about the cat hair situation, but I think I know a lost cause when I see one. Whatever man, my cats are adorable.” (Also, I love people who love animals!)

There you have it. Boobs and coffee and cursing, for your viewing and listening pleasure. Go get weird with it.

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