Let’s Make The World Weirder!

Twenty-nine posts and forty days of weird. Even though my record wasn’t perfect, this little project was a success in many ways.

It’s initial purpose was to both hold myself accountable as well as create a platform to discuss topics that are important to me, but it turned into so much more than that. It has been a touching, eye-opening, and totally fun experience. My point was that we are all weird in our own way. I know it. I’ve known it for a while. But I was a taken aback by just how weird-but-not-weird we all are.

I have heard from so many amazing people. Some I’d never met, some I reconnected with after years, some I have contact with on a regular basis and they opened up to me about something new. The common thread among all of the responses I received has been “ME TOO!” I do those weird things. I think those weird things. I’m weird too!

What began as my simple belief based on years of observation, plus kind of a quippy little tag line Tyler came up with over dinner one night, has become a fact in my world: Weird is relative.

After twenty-nine (slash forty) days, I’ve confirmed that weird does not mean anything other than “not typically experienced by the person using the word.” And since my normal is only what I experience, I’m asking for help from you, people of the internet.

My favorite posts to write were the ones that required research, whether it be an interview or hours on Wikipedia and Google or something in between. So, please, tell me about something or someone in your world that may be considered weird. I want to learn about this weirdness. And maybe write about it. You can do that by sending me an email at mylifemynormal@gmail.com, via social media, or if you want to be totally anonymous you can comment on this post below without giving your name. Also, comments on this site must be approved by me before they are posted for the entire internet to see, so if you want your words to stay between the two of us, just say so and I won’t publish them.

The more we share our strangeness, the less “weird” we seem and the more weird the world becomes. And I for one, think that a weirder world would be glorious!

Slightly Strange


One thought on “Let’s Make The World Weirder!

  1. Mom says:

    I, for one, will miss your posts. I think you’ve done an amazing job, and I’m proud of the conversations you’ve sparked.


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