The Fastest Summer That Wasn’t

I’m not sure I even noticed that Summer had started. How is it possible that it’s over? Maybe I just blocked it all out because, for real, the season started off on a pretty rough note for me. I’m happy to report that after a lot of hard work, a bazillion phone calls to my mom for guidance, a “few” bottles of wine, some quality time with friends and family, and a lot of Tyler and JD snuggles, it seems to be ending completely opposite from the way it started.

However, everything from mid-May on is kind of blur. I had no clue how much I had done over the past three months until I started to write it all down. Here’s what happened during Summer of 2016 (part one):

1. I started this new position at work, which I mentioned in July. I was a bit stressed out about it. Between the fact that I just didn’t feel like dealing with life and the fact that I wasn’t sleeping well, I made the decision that getting up to be productive in the morning was overrated. So, I swapped my “hell yeah, get up early and take on the world” attitude for an “eh, you wake up when you wake up” attitude. This led to many many mornings that lacked productivity but were fuuuuull of JD cuddles.

This has come to be a regular routine. JD seems to get a little pissed off if I don’t spend at least a few minutes snoozing with him after Ty leaves for the day. The few days I actually got my ass out of bed at a respectable time, he bugged the crap out of me until I allowed him to lead me back to bed for some quality cuddle time, checking over his shoulder every few steps down the hallway to make sure I was still there.

2. Per tradition Ty and I bought VIP tickets to Brew at the Zoo on Memorial Day weekend. It was an incredibly hot, humid, and entertaining day.

During this trip we determined JD looks very similar to a polar bear, if polar bears were brindle.

3. I took my first proper vacation in years. First we went to Napa for a wedding with Tyler’s entire family. It was a blast. Lots of amazing food, drinks, and company. I’m pretty sure this was the most carefully thought out wedding I’ve ever been to. If I ever wind up getting married again I know who I’ll call for advice!


This is my favorite picture from the entire trip, taken in the photo booth at the wedding after-party. It cracks me up every time I look at it!

4. On our first night in Napa, the travel and new job stress and time difference really got to me. I think I could have curled up under one of the tables at the rehearsal dinner and fell asleep until morning. Instead of doing that, though, we left on the first shuttle back to our hotel so I could sleep in a bed. When the bus parked and the lights came on, we realized we were literally the only people going to bed that hour that didn’t have grey hair. I’ve never felt so old in my life.
img_9413Well actually I was the only one without grey hair. Ty’s starting to go grey, too.

5. After Napa we went to Portland to visit some of my family. I absolutely loved it there. We ate and drank our way through that city, too. And we had a blast with my Aunt and Uncle.

6. We were gone for ten days and of course I could have used a vacation to recover from my vacation. That, and a gym membership.

7. JD was at Camp (aka doggie daycare) while we were gone. Apparently he was on ‘fun overload’ as received multiple time-outs for rough play and mounting. There’s a joke about Tyler in there somewhere, but I’ll just leave it.

8. I fell behind on my kombucha-making hobby. My scoby had grown so big we had to saw it in quarters with a bread knife to get it out of the jar. For those unfamiliar with what a scoby is actually supposed to look like – think pancake. Now look at what I ended up with and you’ll see exactly how lazy I was.

9. I fell behind on my gardening hobby. JD did try to help with the weeding, though.
I guess there’s something to be said for raising your puppy around horses. He thinks grazing on grass is totally normal activity for a dog. And no, it doesn’t make him sick. Never has. Weirdo. In addition to helping me in the garden, he uses grazing as an avoidance tactic. He starts gnawing on grass when I tell him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

And also, yes, that is a completely bare plant in the middle of the bed in the front yard. Not only do we have a grazing dog, but plenty of grazing deer, and they stripped every last leaf off our peony. At least JD eats the weeds. The deer aren’t nearly as helpful.

10. Despite the lack of effort we still got a decent haul out of the garden. We ate beets and carrots and collard greens for dinner many times.

I ended up making one batch of spaghetti sauce (which I burned), and one batch of hot pepper jelly sauce. (I was too lazy to go out and buy more pectin before I started it and in the end didn’t have enough.) Perhaps I should reconsider this whole Martha Stewart thing.

Okay, so there you have it. Summer 2016, part one. Full of failures and food and drinks and dogs.

Hint: parts two and three are probably very similar. I have a feeling you could skip them and not really miss a thing. But whatever, I’ll post them anyway.

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