The Fastest Summer That Wasn’t (Part 2)

And it continues…

11. Traveled to West Virginia for the Inaugural Appalachian Altitude Race. It was a great time with great friends, great views, and crazy people who raced eight miles up and down some of the most insane hills ever.

12. Rode on a four-wheeler for the first time ever, up and down some of those insane hills. I trusted my driver implicitly, but still couldn’t help thinking I should have insisted on a helmet, and maybe a blindfold so I couldn’t see that we were riding down hills at close to a 60 degree angle from the safe, beautifully flat ground below. I made it back unscathed except for the blisters on my hands from holding on for dear life.

13. Rode on a ski lift for the first time ever and I was petrified. All I can say is that I was glad to have my veteran skiing friend with me to hold my hand and of course take pictures of my horrified face. I mean, seriously, there’s NOTHING to keep you from falling off of this thing except some rinky dink bar that doesn’t even lock into place. How to skiers survive these things??? Not a fan. At all. It took every ounce of control I had in me to look like I was having a good time for that second picture.

14. Got a new beer fridge for the basement which basically saved our lives. Ok, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic. We were in the basement stocking it as the most insane storm to hit Maryland in my lifetime started dumping 2+ inches of rain per hour on us at the same time our outdoor drain clogged and our sump pump stopped working. If it hadn’t been for “hell yeah, beer!” our entire basement would have been under water. As it stood, there was a substantial mess to clean up, but nothing compared to what it would have been if we had not been downstairs to catch it right as it happened.

15. The worst part about that basement flood was that we had spent the ten hours before the storm FINALLY organizing the basement. Ty and his friends hauled out our old boiler which had been sitting down there in a corner for two years, the old water heater which had been unused since January, and a myriad of other large, obnoxious pieces of trash we hadn’t gotten around to brining to the dump since we moved in. All of our hard work went down the drain in just a few minutes. Well, actually it didn’t go down the drain. It went into the shop vac and was dumped by yours truly in the back yard in the middle of the storm. It was nuts.

16. The flooding was so bad that I was outside, in the downpour, using the shop vac to suck the water out of our window well so it could maybe, possibly stop pouring into our basement. What an adventure. Don’t worry. I made sure that the frogs who live in that window well didn’t get sucked up into the shop vac along with all that water and our hopes of having a quiet night at home.



17. Hung out with my nephews, but not nearly enough.

18. Got this really cool hat from my really cool mom. She’s just the best. Can’t wait for a cold day to wear it. And for a person to piss me off enough to show the secret cat middle finger to them. Let’s be honest…it’ll probably be Tyler.

19. Tried to conquer my fear of bees by watching the real-life discovery-channel-situation Tyler found on our master bathroom window. These hornets built their nest on the glass, so we were able to see inside of it. It was like a car accident. I really didn’t want to watch, but couldn’t tear my eyes away from the fascinating but so incredibly gross spectacle going on before me. Needless to say, this nest didn’t survive long after we found it.

20. Found the Bert to my Ernie. I parked in this garage for a week and spotted Bert on day one. I was determined to park next to him, but never got the chance. I thought my dream would never be realized. Until Friday when I found it parked in a two-spot row with one spot empty. It was meant to be, and taking this photo was incredibly satisfying! Maybe too much so, but whatever. Don’t judge me.

21. Managed to cross a few projects off of our to-do list.



I painted the hallway in just over one day and just under two fights. Ty and I really don’t do well together when it comes to painting. He won’t paint because he hates painting, which is fair. He completes pretty much every other home improvement task around here. But he’s a total backseat painter, and I’m a total bitchy jerk about that fact. So we usually argue while I’m painting. Or just don’t speak. But this time we were able to converse and be civil to each other through the project, mostly. Three years later and I think we may have finally figured out how to handle one another in this situation. Score one for adult communication!

22. We installed baseboards in our bedroom as they were not present iwhen we moved in. It Master bedroom finally finished-ish! (No photos because baseboards are boring.)

23. The freshly painted hallway walls and bedroom baseboards made the utterly crappy carpet look A LOT worse. So, we started the process of replacing that as well. Hell yeah, home ownership wins all around! (No photos because the crappy carpet is embarrassing.)

And without even realizing that it had started, summer is over. I came to the conclusion that ignoring the world and cuddling with my dog for hours on end each morning, while certainly cozy, is really not the way to feel good about myself or accomplish, like, anything. So here we are, fall weather on it’s way and finally back to feeling like myself.

JD is not terribly thrilled with the lack of morning snuggling in bed. He has found an alternative.

And yes, I wear that robe and those slippers almost every day.


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