We Are Weird. So Were Our Wedding Vows.

So I’ve mentioned that the wedding was really super amazingly awesome. All of it. But if I had to pick a favorite part it would be the ceremony. It was so totally “Melissa and Tyler” from start to finish. I have some favorites within my favorite, though. And one of them is our vows. Non-traditional, obviously. But absolutely perfect to us. Continue reading

Did You Say Abe Lincoln?

“I promise not to take in any more animals without discussing it with you first.”

A little more than two weeks ago I stood up in front of family and friends and promised that I would never again just show up at home with an animal that needed to be saved. Or one that I simply wanted to save. Or one that might not really have needed to be saved but I felt could use a little extra love.

In my own defense I’ve never actually brought home an animal without informing Tyler. But the last time I did bring one home I literally sent him a picture of the kitten in question and informed him she’d be arriving home with me. That was four years ago. Yeah, yeah, that was shitty, and I totally recognize that. So over the past four years I’ve promised many many times never to do that again. And I never did. (To be fair there haven’t been any opportunities to put my promise to use in the past four years, but that’s neither here nor there.) So when I called him yesterday to “discuss” the fact that there was a blind six-week-old kitten that needed help and he told me “NO WAY,” I was crushed. Continue reading

The Go Big Or Go Home List


A few years ago I did a project here, called “30 Days of Weird.” You can probably find it like two posts down because I haven’t touched this thing much since then. My intention was to share content every day, for thirty days, that would show the world (or at least my Facebook friends) that none of us are alone in what we consider to be our weirdness. Coming to terms with my own “weirdness” (which really isn’t that weird at all, I’ve learned), has been a struggle for me, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with anyone who cared to tune in.

You guys, it was my favorite thing I’ve ever done.

Continue reading

Haters Gonna Hate

A little over a year ago this was published on HuffPost. It was the first time I really put anything personal on the internet, and it was a whirlwind. I mean I went big I suppose, writing about a very controversial topic and publishing it for the world to see. I knew in advance I was asking for a beating, and boy did I get it. Continue reading