Weird Is Her Normal: Angela Rockstar

Have you ever met someone that you love to spend time with because of how you feel about yourself when they are around? I don’t mean that they make you feel good about yourself. But you just feel better, more positive, more like yourself when you are in their presence. This is how I felt in Angela ‘Rockstar’ Lantry’s home a couple of months ago.

Angie Rockstar, Angie Lantry, Big Brother 20, BB20

I had not had any face-to-face interaction with Angela since we graduated high school in 2001. But, from what I could see via her Facebook page, she embodied everything I wanted to talk about when I came up with the idea of a 30 Days of Weird blog series. Continue reading

I’m An Asshole

You may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. And quite frankly I almost didn’t post today. After a crazy stressful week and a long day at work my brain truly doesn’t want to work at the moment.

We just showed up to a friend’s house late, empty-handed except for the bottle of bourbon we grabbed to bring at the last minute so we didn’t look like complete assholes.

I feel a little bit better though, because one of those friends isn’t even here yet, and the other is upstairs putting their kids to bed.

So we are happily occupying ourselves by drinking the bourbon we “brought for them,” alone, in thier kitchen, once again making the case that we are assholes. Unfortunately I’m out of energy today, so I can’t find it in myself to actually feel bad about being an asshole.

And on that note, cheers! Happy Friday.

Mental Masturbation: Go Love Yourself

“You’re a horrible person.” “Well, what’d you do that for, you moron?” “You’re broken and you need to be fixed.” “You’re lazy.” “Get it together, dumbass.” These are just a few of the things I’ve heard important people in my life say to themselves in the past two (yes, two!) days.

I don’t know if it’s a product of this blog, or therapy, or Tyler yelling at me for talking badly about his girlfriend (you know – me), or uncomfortable coaching, or what. But I find I am becoming increasingly aware of the horrible things people say to themselves. Stop and listen. Continue reading

Lemons? Lemonade? Lemon Boobs??

I know I’ve already shared this picture, but I find it absolutely appropriate for the past week. So I’m posting again! Plus, I’m always looking to make my boobs look bigger, so it’s fitting in two ways. 🙂


I kind of pride myself on seeing silver linings. It’s not too difficult a thing for me to do. But last week I had a huge curve ball thrown at me and for a moment all I could see was grey, no silver.

At first I kind of freaked out because that’s not like me at all. So I tried a different approach. I tried to analyze things from every which way to find the upside, but every time I did, the bad seemed to outweigh the good.

So I gave in. I cried. And overreacted (it didn’t help that PMS was involved, I’m sure). And let my family take care of me. And probably drank too much wine. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up at 4:00 AM I channeled my mother and her words of wisdom. She used to tell me that everything looks better in the morning. So, I looked at the clock, and thought “everything will look better in an hour or so,” because while 4:00 AM is technically the morning, it’s kind of still the middle of the night. As I lay there waiting for morning to arrive, I channeled mom again as I asked myself “What’s the worst that can happen.”

After a while, I stopped worrying about the worst and started thinking about the best. And that’s when I was able to get my head out of my ass and move on. Nobody is going to die. My credit score isn’t going to drop. I’m not going to lose my home. Plus, there are some good things going on, too.

My point is that I talk a good game, but sometimes making lemonade from lemons really isn’t easy. But also, it’s still doable. I’m pretty sure that as long as “the worst thing” doesn’t actually occur, it’s all good. And honestly, it’s relieving that after a meltdown I can still find and embrace the positive. Life is good. Things are going to work out because I’ll make them work out. And at the end of the day I’ll still be my weird-as-shit, awesome self. As long as I’ve got that, I’ll be a-okay!

Continue reading

Freak Flag

While at the beach for our annual Mother-Daughter Weekend yesterday, my mom brought me into her favorite local spot. It’s called…drum roll please…Wake And Bake.

Wake And Bake

What an awesome name for a coffee shop/bakery, and a surprising name for some place my mother just adores. Mom’s been telling me about this place for a while, going on about the baked goods and the woman behind them (and her rainbow colored hair!). As it turns out Continue reading

Green Eyes and Communication

Green eyes

Since posting about our “open” relationship, I’ve had so many people ask me how Ty and I avoid jealousy. The answer is simple. We don’t.

Well, I don’t. I’ve seen Tyler jealous a handful of times throughout the course of our relationship. Me on the other hand…I do get jealous sometimes, and it’s not always been pretty. Continue reading

Adventure Is Their Normal: Ben and Nicholette Bradley

Ben and Nic 1

When you meet Ben and Nicholette you wouldn’t think that they were weird, per se. You’d probably think they were lovely young newlyweds living the typical newlywed dream. But once you spoke to them you’d learn about their new company, Appalachian Altitude, and that they started it in order to make radical changes in their newlywed life. Continue reading

Post And Rally – You Weirdos Rock!

I asked, you answered. And you know what I learned? Ya’ll are a goofy bunch!

The best part of it, though, is that we are so NOT alone. Many of the “weird” comments you posted were met with an “OMG, you too??” A few that surprised me: scotch tape smells amazing, butterflies can be scary, and cotton balls are considered cringe-worthy. Also, Continue reading

One Weird-Ass Mother

In my “normal” days, mom and I had a lot in common. Being close was easy. We imagined the same things for my future. A sort of 2.0 version of her life, if you will.

It was difficult for her when that changed. Twenty-six years of knowing the same daughter and then all of a sudden I’m this strange person. This weirdness had always been inside of me, waiting to make an entrance. Continue reading